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YOZO provides small business a quick and open answer to the lending maze. YOZO is redefining lending for small business by offering a transparent and seamless experience for their borrowing needs. Firstly, by taking the guessing game out of an increasingly frustrating question, “how much can my business borrow?”, YOZO helps small business gauge their borrowing capacity in under a minute. Secondly, by providing an intuitive

Business Lending Calculator – 30 seconds to understand your potential.

Developed in conjunction with the award-winning Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI) at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the YOZO Limit Calculator provides business an evaluation of their potential unsecured borrowing capacity - essential for both managing cash flow in start-up and growth phases or business owners who don’t own a home. Each limit is accompanied with a simple interest repayment schedule to help understand the cost of their loan. Important for business owners, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science has streamlined the process, eliminating the need for detailed personal data or credit bureau checks in calculating their indicative lending limit.
The changing landscape of lending regulations in Australia is increasingly hard to navigate. Our aim is to help small business cut through this to ensure they can make the most of every opportunity. Co-Founder Matthew Driscoll.

Simple, Fast and Transparent – Funding within 48 hours

Business owners can quickly navigate the intuitive self-service site to apply for finance 24 hours a day. Integrating with BankStatements and (Creditor)Watch, an application can be assessed, approved and funded into the businesses bank account within 48 hours. A simple sign-up process provides the business a dashboard of their current limit, facilities and their application status, so they’re always informed.
We are also pleased to partner with Prospa, Australia’s #1 online lender to small business who are regarded as the market leader in their category.
Ensuring our customers are always informed and in control was essential in the design of YOZO. Business owners don’t operate 9-5 and we need to ensure we can support them when they need. Co-Founder Sunny Zhu.

Information and Education – Unlocking opportunities and success

Businesses will be able to access a range of practical information to support their operations. Powered by leading Asia Pacific accounting and advisory firm ShineWing Australia, the YOZO Knowledge Centre will provide domestic business alerts and calendars on taxation and compliance to tips on expanding your enterprise into the APAC region.
There are so many challenges in starting up and expanding your own business. Regulations, red tape can trip you up at the last minute. We’re delighted to have ShineWing partner with us, sharing their knowledge to enable success. Co-Founder Alan Yu.

About Us

YOZO was founded by a team of individuals who have been in the trenches of running small business and have firsthand experience with the difficulties, effort and uncertainty of gaining finance from the banks.
Made up of Retailers, Farmers, Brokers, Bankers and Marketers, our team’s diversity enables our innovation and can-do attitude to provide a proposition we all wish we had when we started out.
You can expect YOZO to consistently deliver new ways to make the lending process easier and more tools to guide you in making the right business decision.
Media Contact: Matthew Muller | 0408 297925 | [email protected]